Culture Flipper

Culture Flipper is looking for a VFX and Post Production Expert in the Korean language.

We are seeking a seasoned VFX, production and post-production expert who will review technical documents in Korean as a subject matter expert in our post-production document creation process.


  • Review and edit glossaries of technical terms in VFX, production and post-production
  • Run quality audits on Korean translations of various technical VFX, production and post-production manuals and guidelines against the source English documents
  • Provide recommendations and input on the local industry practices in South Korea for various documents and communications related to VFX, production and post-production processes
  • Collaborate with language experts and writers in Creative Team as a subject matter expert on production and post-production elements in any aspects of our content creation process in Korean
  • Help facilitate and grow the production and post-production expert group in Korean using your industry network in South Korea and connect with production and post-production expert groups in other countries at Culture Flipper


  • Proven minimum 5 years experience as a technical specialist in the AV production, particularly VFX and post-production field
  • Proven experience in translation, particularly video content-related specifications or documents for global companies including, but not limited to, Dolby, Barco, Canon, Arri, Sony etc.
  • Knowledge in the workflow of production or post-production is a plus
  • Excellent communication skills both in English and Korean
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Sensitivity to or passion for language and movies is a must
  • Ability to work well with a team

About Culture Flipper:

Culture Flipper is a content creation agency providing transcreation that blends seamlessly into diverse regions and markets. Our team members are located around the globe, primarily in North America, Latin America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe. We are constantly expanding and growing into new markets and regions. The team includes Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and English language experts, copywriters, editors, typographers, graphic designers, illustrators and more. Specializing in the entertainment industry, Culture Flipper localizes everything related to video content, from movies and TV shows to video games and multimedia interactive installations. Our thorough localization process goes beyond mere translation. Titles, product and campaign slogans, trailer and poster copy, press releases, manuals and synopses become natural and memorable in their target languages thanks to Culture Flipper’s deep understanding of trends and cultural context in both the source and target countries. Culture Flipper is a California corporation established in January 2017. We are a diverse and inclusive multicultural agency.