Culture Flipper

Working with a team of language experts, writers, editors and terminologists, your role will be to carry individual transcreation projects from Simplified Chinese into English and vice versa.

This role will include the following responsibilities:

  • Accept tasks from clients, ensuring access to all information necessary
  • Assess task objectives and create the best workflow accordingly in collaboration with other team members
  • Communicate with other language experts, writers and editors with clear, accurate details and instructions
  • Coordinate projects daily to deliver on time. Managing time and resources is key
  • Understand the cultural context and linguistic nuances of Simplified Chinese and English text, as well as their straightforward meaning
  • Update terminology database in collaboration with terminologists
  • Develop and maintain critical issue logs with our quality management group and editors
  • Deliver work to clients with real time communication
  • Provide feedback for Simplified Chinese and English writers and language experts
  • Coordinate with Project Managers & Coordinators in order to meet clients’ needs
  • QA and proofread non-literary translations
  • Manage Translation Memory (TM)

You must have the following:

  • 5+ years of experience in translation, particularly literary translation, interpretation or localization
  • 2+ years of interactive project management experience, preferably in the media or localization industries
  • A degree and/or professional training in languages, cultures, translation
  • Effective communication skills
  • Understanding of Chinese slang and borrowed words
  • Ability to discern great writing from good writing
  • Capable of problem-solving on a deadline
  • QA Experience a plus
  • Experience in CAT tools a huge plus
  • Excellent (native level) knowledge of Simplified Chinese and English including spelling, grammar, punctuation and nuance
  • Proficient working knowledge of the AP Stylebook (for English) and the Simplified Chinese print and online media industry standard style guidelines
  • Film and media industry experience preferred but not required
  • Comprehension of different cultures and popular media
  • Excellent organizational skills and strong attention to detail
  • Strong collaboration skills. Being able to work in a team environment is a must
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Suite
  • Understanding of Korean pop culture is a great plus
  • Subtitling experience a plus

Note: Only English or bilingual resumes/CVs will be considered.

About Culture Flipper:

Culture Flipper is a multicultural content creation agency providing localization that blends seamlessly into diverse regions and markets. Our team members are located around the globe, primarily in North America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe. We are constantly expanding and growing into new markets and regions. The team includes Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and English language experts, copywriters, editors, typographers, graphic designers, illustrators and more. Specializing in the entertainment industry, Culture Flipper localizes everything related to video content, from movies and TV shows to video games and multimedia interactive installations. Our thorough localization process goes beyond mere translation. Titles, product and campaign slogans, trailer and poster copy, press releases, manuals and synopses become natural and memorable in their target languages thanks to Culture Flipper’s deep understanding of trends and cultural context in both the source and target countries. Culture Flipper is a California corporation established in January 2017. We are a diverse and inclusive multicultural agency.