Culture Flipper

Culture Flipper is looking for Vietnamese content writers (Remote)

We need writers with professional experience whose native language is Vietnamese


  • Write Vietnamese copy and text for advertisements and communications
  • Write easy-to-read press releases that improve upon translators' text and contextual explanations without changing the accuracy of the source material
  • Write interesting and gripping synopses and reviews of books, movies and TV shows
  • Perform other marketing-related tasks

You must have the following:

  • 3+ years’ experience writing in public relations, marketing, or in publication
  • Native Vietnamese speaking, writing and editing skills
  • In-depth knowledge of Vietnamese grammar and usage, as well as a deep understanding of Vietnamese cultures.
  • Ability to keep on task and meet firm deadlines
  • Proficiency in an additional language preferred
  • Understanding of the Korean language and culture is a plus
  • Experience in the publishing industry including participation in international book fairs and literary festivals is a plus
  • Interest and knowledge of popular culture, including industry trends pertaining to books, movies, TV shows, games, fine art and music
  • Multitasking skills, flexibility, positive attitude as a team player and the ability to work with a multi-national team

About Culture Flipper:

Culture Flipper is a multicultural content creation agency providing localization that blends seamlessly into diverse regions and markets. Our team members are located around the globe, primarily in North America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe. We are constantly expanding and growing into new markets and regions. The team includes Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and English language experts, copywriters, editors, typographers, graphic designers, illustrators and more. Specializing in the entertainment industry, Culture Flipper localizes everything related to video content, from movies and TV shows to video games and multimedia interactive installations. Our thorough localization process goes beyond mere translation. Titles, product and campaign slogans, trailer and poster copy, press releases, manuals and synopses become natural and memorable in their target languages thanks to Culture Flipper’s deep understanding of trends and cultural context in both the source and target countries. Culture Flipper is a California corporation established in January 2017. We are a diverse and inclusive multicultural agency.