Culture Flipper

Culture Flipper is looking for a Cambodian Crypto Specialist (remote).

We are seeking a Crypto Specialist with professional experience. Khmer must be your native language.

Job Description

As a Crypto Specialist, you will work with Khmer language experts and editors to:

  • Review terminology used in fintech (cryptocurrency, financial transactions, etc.) related content for the general audience to ensure that Cambodian users can understand the content clearly.
  • Review cryptocurrency-related content translated from English to Khmer, in whole or in part, and share detailed feedback (including revisions) with language experts, terminologists, and editors to ensure that information is conveyed to users in an understandable manner.


  • At least 3 years of experience in operating a cryptocurrency platform
  • Experienced in using various cryptocurrency
  • In-depth knowledge of various cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Native Khmer proficiency
  • Good English reading comprehension
  • Collaborative and strong communication skills
  • Proactive problem solver


  • Fintech related background
  • IT or technical writer experience

Employment details

  • Employment Type: Freelance
  • Work Location: Remote

Screening Process

Resume & Cover Letter Screening > Written Test > 1st Round Interview > 3-Month Testing Phase > Quarterly Two-Way Evaluation > Annual Feedback > Further Growth

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